Improved behavioral health practice reimbursement services drive dramatic improvements to Revenue Cycle Management.

At Renew Healthcare Services, we engage in the best practices that provide strategic backend management you need to enhance your practice. Specifically, our behavioral healthcare, mental health treatment, and addiction treatment reimbursement services have helped clients improve revenue capture through faster and more efficient Revenue Cycle Management.

Additionally, assistance from our behavioral health consulting services can help your practice achieve more efficient and streamlined operations. With our help, you can be confident in your revenue cycle and return your focus to providing high-quality treatment.

Improved Insurance Reimbursement for Revenue Cycle Management

consultant works with behavioral healthcare consultant on improved reimbursement servicesWe understand that receiving insurance reimbursement for mental health services and behavioral healthcare services can sometimes be an uphill battle with no end in sight.

However, the Renew Healthcare Services team has an expert understanding of insurance billing and the language of insurance companies. We also understand how stress regarding this process can begin to affect day-to-day operations.

In fact, most practices today only collect about 85 percent of the money that is owed to them. Without this collection, it can be difficult to provide the quality services that your practice is built on. This is where our team comes into play. Not only will we train your staff on best practices, but we’ll also work with insurance companies to get you the money you have worked so hard for. Thus, you can return your focus to providing improved treatment and better patient outcomes.

For example, we can help with reimbursement services such as:

  • Accurate and concise revenue capture
  • Streamlined verification of benefits
  • Diminished denial of claims
  • Faster adjudication of insurance claims
  • Consistent follow-up on all claims
  • Improve billing processes, including coding and documentation

We want to maximize timely payments and collections for your practice to improve your Revenue Cycle Management. This is all possible through our ability to negotiate with insurance companies and make sure your facility gets what you deserve. Overall, the difference can mean millions of dollars a year for your practice. Increased profitability and efficiency creates a more stable outlook toward the future.

Again, improved insurance reimbursement for mental health services and other behavioral health services will allow you to devote total focus to treatment. Improve both patient satisfaction and patient outcomes with healthier Revenue Cycle Management through improved insurance reimbursement.

Learn More About Our Behavioral Health Practice Reimbursement Services

Are you looking to grow your practice further and improve Revenue Cycle Management with improved insurance reimbursement for behavioral health services? Look no further than the professionals at Renew Healthcare Services. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals will provide the guidance you need to reach the next level.

Outside of Revenue Cycle Management and reimbursement, we also offer consulting services for our clients. We value communication, data, research, and reporting that includes a strategic assessment and backend development tailored to your practice. Furthermore, we understand that this process can make or break the success of your practice.

For more information about Renew Healthcare Services, contact us today at 844.344.3803. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to perfect the revenue cycle of your practice.