Renew Billing & Consulting provides the highest-quality Revenue Cycle Management to transform your bottom line.

We are proud to provide this strategic development to our clients across the country, including a number of behavioral health practices, mental health treatment centers, and addiction treatment centers. Learn more about Renew Billing & Consulting as well as our senior management team. With a combined 30 years of experience, our team can identify issues with Revenue Cycle Management and create solutions for you.

The Next Level of Revenue Cycle Management

One of the main aspects of effective and efficient behavioral health practices is Revenue Cycle Management. We improve your bottom line and aid all aspects of your financial reimbursement processes. Thus, a faster and more efficient revenue cycle allows you to focus on providing high-quality behavioral health, mental health, or addiction treatment.

man leads business presentation about bonafide healthcareAs you learn more about Renew Billing & Consulting, you will recognize our dedication to providing more efficient insurance reimbursement for behavioral health practices. These services maximize reimbursement and provide the most efficient Revenue Cycle Management possible.

We are detail-oriented and committed to providing solutions for all of your management and reimbursement needs. Additionally, we ensure all of our clients are Protected Health Information (PHI) compliant and maintain confidentiality as well as data privacy and security

For example, our team of professionals has the training and expertise to:

  • Streamline all aspects of the billing process including coding and documentation
  • Quickly verify insurance benefits
  • Diminish claim denials and help claims adjudicate more quickly
  • Provide accurate and concise revenue capture
  • Track accounts receivable to produce accurate auditing
  • Provide overall payments and collections services

As you can see, our services dramatically improve your Revenue Cycle Management. Faster, more efficient reimbursement provides security and confidence that lend stability to your practice. We simplify the process so that you can focus on providing the best care possible.

Become Renew Certified

We simplify the onboarding process so we can identify any dysfunction in your Revenue Cycle Management. Our team, guided by their experience and expertise, has created a 13-point scorecard to grade each area that affects gross revenue.

The information that we use to create this scorecard includes an assessment of your billing and coding, clinical documentation and NPI numbers, tax information and tax ID numbers, as well as cash application and current status of patient financing. Additionally, we can vet outstanding claims and identify the issues in your current claims processes.

Thus, we improve accountability and communication between Renew Billing & Consulting and your practice. This helps us streamline all aspects of your revenue cycle. If any part of the process is lacking, we will help you get Renew Certified so you can improve your bottom line.

Behavioral Healthcare Consulting Services

We also offer consulting services so you can streamline operations, improve treatment outcomes, and increase revenue capture. With our behavioral healthcare consulting services, you can be confident that your practice runs efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner. For day-to-day operations as well as long-term planning, we can meet your needs. Let Renew Billing & Consulting help you achieve efficiency in daily and long-term operations.

Learn More About Renew Billing & Consulting

At Renew Billing & Consulting, we focus on three specific aspects of Revenue Cycle Management: communication, recording, and data. We maintain and oversee these services so that you can focus on your work. With accurate information from each of these three aspects, we can assess any concerns and assist you in dramatically improving Revenue Cycle Management.

Thus, you gain increased confidence from faster and more efficient revenue capture. With increased confidence in your financial future, you can return your focus to providing high-quality behavioral healthcare.

Are you ready to take your Revenue Cycle Management to the next level? If so, reach out to our team today and learn more about our invaluable management and consulting services. Our expertise in providing solutions for behavioral health practices, as well as mental health treatment and addiction treatment centers, can guide you toward increased success. Learn more about Renew Billing & Consulting today and contact us at 844.344.3803.